Tonebender mki builds

I have been building a couple of Mki Tonebenders, using Smallbear’s trannies.
I must say it’s easier that way, but still i have a bucketload of trannies in my stash.. Lets say i will use these as templates and go from there testing some of my own by ear.

Preliminary build, using a set of Smallbear generic germs, these sound great.


It marked the first time using shielded dam style cable. It works fine but eventually i set this build aside and instead boxed this second build for my bass player Pete, bottom of stripboard insulated with a piece of vetronite.


And the one i am currently working on:


A last thought, i just cannot seem to have the guts to put these beauties up on e*ay to at least pay for parts.. They are too much a work of love to trade in for the evil coin! Still..if someone would like to have a custom made fuzz.. Shoot me an email… Ahahahaha!


I picked up a mexican strat for real cheap! I must say its got just a slightly more presence than the squier classic vibe 60 i AB auditioned with it (great guitars!). Compared to the jaguar, vintage modified i have, this really lacks the bottom oomph, so i think i will try some tonecap changes and see how it goes.. I put a .056 tropical fish instead of stock cheapie .022 but didnt make a lot of difference-maybe i’ll try with a vitamin q sprague .01?!


This is my very first strat (i set out to buy a vm jazzmaster) so i was surprised at the different tones it gives me and how differently pedals respond to it. Wah wahs sound incredible!
Cheap price was due to scratches n bumps cos the original owner wanted to make it look roadworn (a debatable concept if i may say, but attuned to these times of tattooed rock types that have not lived even one second of rock n roll lifestyle or even life for that matters, ahahah they look like sailors but have really nothing to say, thanks fashion mags and mtv)!


I discovered a few days later, its loaded with 57/62 pickups. I put in a sprague vitamin q and changed strings, .10 and now it sounds GREAT.

OC81D Tone Bender mk ii build


Bought these trannies more than one year ago. Finally got around to build it. Sounding GREAT. Very violin like tails, good smooth fuzz.
Thanks Dr. Nomis @ freestompboxes for keeping an open mind over these new dsi transistors.. and helping me with my build!

Audio clip (pedal engaged set at low volume, mind you..still plenty volume on tap!):

And the finished pedal, boxed

yours truly


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