De La Soul Three Feet High And Rising

1989. This and Paul’s Boutique blew my mind that year.

Can you guess how many times i happily re-bought this record (the first one being the picture disc when it first came out) through the years? Same as Paul’s Boutique actually.. 😂


Selmer Buzz Tone

Syd Barrett’s hairy boost.. VERY WARM AND THICK. Perfect counterpart to Syd’s favourite amp settings, basically treble at 10. 

Perfunctory build on eyelet board, with external vero for transistor testing, using 2N2613 as per original.

Very surprised by the final tone, i really like it.. Sounds very nice.   
I broke out the wem copicat to have a better idea if it nails syd’s tone.

It does. 

The Stone Roses All for one

The new single came out yester-day on BBC radio, listened to it today on Vimeo.

Ian’s voice is less raspy but still very engaging, setting the mood right away. It is between a terrace chant, and a pop anthem. Feels good.

I liked the phasing drum roll, a bit like Bold as love but faster (ahahah) and revised with a bit more grit for us 40 something acid housers.

The guitars are amazing as always.

The rhythm section is snappy and tough.

I like it loads already. All for one, the Roses are back!

Yeah! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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