“A date with wild”


Vox Tone Bender clone, with tone cap switch and boost/cut switch.
I did some research on this one, so many different variations.
Heres some of the stuff i found out
-the famed 47k resistor across the level pot makes the sound ‘less there’, not useful AT ALL- i dumped it;
-it makes sense to have a 3n3 AND 10n on a switch, with the 10n(2) cap you go steady into classic bender territory, otherwise you have a very trebly bender here (which i prefer in this case actually!);
-biasing is a breeze. Just pick carefully the q1 tranny. I auditioned quite a few. I found comfy with a ac134, 138 hfe on q1; i picked an ancient oc76, hfe 33 for q2.
But remember, q2 here follows q1. If q1 sounds good, q2 is there just to give it some body and tails (sustain);
-1k, attack (fuzz) pot only works either full on or at the final 3/4 of its run;
-22uF is a good value for the electrolytic, giving the pedal a good sustain and range.

Fiddlin with the trannies, i stumbled upon a setting where it sounded a lot like the fuzz on Easter Everywhere by the 13th fl elevators.. im talking about the guitar at the beginning of the second song.. sitary and choking, maybe due to misbiasing,  a really haunting tone, gotta go back there somehow in the near future.


Ducati filering cap, a salvo to the original vox made in italy, 15uF of the motorcycles brand; icel and sifco nos caps, and a nos mustard cap that i believe its italian too.

yours truly