Selmer Buzz Tone

Syd Barrett’s hairy boost.. VERY WARM AND THICK. Perfect counterpart to Syd’s favourite amp settings, basically treble at 10. 

Perfunctory build on eyelet board, with external vero for transistor testing, using 2N2613 as per original.

Very surprised by the final tone, i really like it.. Sounds very nice.   
I broke out the wem copicat to have a better idea if it nails syd’s tone.

Check it out clicking here

I also made a quick little excuse for a tune to test it further.. sorry for the hurried and far from great mix:

Melanie Wright-a Buzz-Tone tryout

12 thoughts on “Selmer Buzz Tone”

  1. hello I’m about to build my first clon, I just want to know where I can find the correct layout and components if you can help me I’ll appreciate.
    your clon and the tape echo sounds pretty nice by the way
    thanks for read.
    Manuel Briceno.

      1. This is a very clear example of offboard wiring. Remember that, being the Selmer BuzzTone a positive ground pedal, +9v will be your ground, all grounds must lead to the +9v pole on the battery, and -9v will power the pedal.

      2. I would skip the led if i were you, the BuzzTone is an extremely noisy pedal by design.

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