Selmer Buzz-Tone

I have been building Selmer Buzz Tones for a few groupies n fans recently. 

Featuring rare 2N2613 transistors on choc brown paxoline board, on eyelets just like the original. 

One small mod is the cap tuck away under the board, to give it some juice.

Cheapo build for a friend:

Another build.. featuring the Palenque astronaut..

Expensive nos carbon comp build for a groupie:
They all sound 👍🏿.

4 thoughts on “Selmer Buzz-Tone”

    1. That’s because it is a “hairy” boost, not a fuzz. If you have used RCA branded 2N2613, you should get a very warm, very loud and quite noisy booster that tends to break up tube amps quite nicely.

    1. Hi there.. thanks, very flattering. I could do a made to order.. depending what pedal and where you are based..

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