MAM/FAT 383/FREEBASS 303 simulator guts

A couple of gutshots of the 303 simulator (cannot call it clone since it doesnt have a BA662a..)..

Some kosher transistors (1583, 2291) but most of them are just 2N3904.

Sounds quite good.. i remember staring at the Turnkeys window in Charing Cross Road (98?) when these came out, along with FAT’s other offerings, rebadged MAM, like the cool resinator (the resonator) and some other rack in sexy colors!

RS7000 controlling SammichSID

I have just made a very rough paper overlay for my RS7000 to use when I am controlling the SammichSID.

There are just not as many knobs as needed (the SID has a pretty deep programming option) but still some tweaking can be done.

So yes, the RS7000 is a great controller for the SammichSID too..

Word template is here: Overlay