Joemeek VC4 Enhancer

Ted Fletcher designed, two independent channels enhancer, so rare even Ted himself had some trouble remembering it (on this forum thread).

Some hq photos of the machine!

At the back of the unit, for both channels we find one input and two outputs.

At the front, pots, LEDs and switches:

Being two indipendent channels, it’s not a surprise finding two identical pcbs inside, although the channel thats closer to the power transformer (channel 2) features a few more components for power filtering (diodes, a transistor and capacitors).


As with all the original, english made Joemeek products, most of the action, guts-wise takes place under the pcb.. there it’s all surface mount components.

Thats channel one, assuming channel two doesnt bear any differences, underside-i suppose all the main differences relate to thepower filtering as stated above..

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