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Bio: Musical devices and sometimes artichokes are being discussed here

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      1. Hi! I have tried many forums and archives, but the schema of this version probably does not exist. It’s similar to Black Finger, but not the same.
        I have one SP to repair, unfortunately somebody has exchanged some parts and some parts are missing.
        I’ll have to draw the schema and find the parameters from the missing parts from another SP.

  1. Hi there,
    Over the last few weeks I’ve been researching about the mosrite fuzzrite. I’m interested in learning how to identify a version 1 germanium fuzzrite by looking at the circuitry – specifically by looking at the transistors (germanium)

    I happened upon your page while trying to find out what these transistors look like, and I seems as though you might know a thing or two about this. So, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions
    From what I understand the version 1 germanium fuzzrite used the RCA 2N408 and the RCA 2N613. Is this correct?

    Is this the best way to identify a germanium v1 fuzzrite? By looking at the transistors?

    Do you know what these transistors look like?

    I would greatly appreciate anything you could tell me about this.

    Kind regards, Jim Stringer.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my page.. as a matter of fact i just finished building a germanium Fuzzrite just a week ago for emerging altrock band, The Spacepony. To reply your question: yes, to identify the first version you will have to look at how the components are arranged on the tagboard and the transistors. I have a bunch of original RCA 2613 (q1) and RCA408 (q2).. they are metal can transistors.. i suspect the silicon version may have those plastic mold transistors.. there is also another revision of the silicon version that had the circuit built into a sealed plastic capsule. To make the reply more complete, i will post the tagboard so you can see for yourself how the original was laid out. If you have any more questions..

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