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I picked up a mexican strat for real cheap! I must say its got just a slightly more presence than the squier classic vibe 60 i AB auditioned with it (great guitars!). Compared to the jaguar, vintage modified i have, this really lacks the bottom oomph, so i think i will try some tonecap changes and see how it goes.. I put a .056 tropical fish instead of stock cheapie .022 but didnt make a lot of difference-maybe i’ll try with a vitamin q sprague .01?!


This is my very first strat (i set out to buy a vm jazzmaster) so i was surprised at the different tones it gives me and how differently pedals respond to it. Wah wahs sound incredible!
Cheap price was due to scratches n bumps cos the original owner wanted to make it look roadworn (a debatable concept if i may say, but attuned to these times of tattooed rock types that have not lived even one second of rock n roll lifestyle or even life for that matters, ahahah they look like sailors but have really nothing to say, thanks fashion mags and mtv)!


I discovered a few days later, its loaded with 57/62 pickups. I put in a sprague vitamin q and changed strings, .10 and now it sounds GREAT.