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Electro Harmonix Vintage Black Finger 

This must be a very early one, word has it that Jimi Hendrix tried one of these boxes for its big muff-like forced sustain. It is one of the earliest electro harmonix effects. 

It is powered by TWO 9v batteries and so much for it “being distortion free”, it is very hissy and noisy, and colours the tone. The compression is VERY apparent and squashed.

Transistors: FS36999, the same as early 70’s Big Muffs.


The tube version Black Finger is a much different, more reliable and usable item.

De La Soul Three Feet High And Rising

1989. This and Paul’s Boutique blew my mind that year.

Can you guess how many times i happily re-bought this record (the first one being the picture disc when it first came out) through the years? Same as Paul’s Boutique actually.. 😂


wah wah heaven

2582 2579

After a while of non-activities, i took the wah projects by the balls and finished them successfully.

Inductors: one is a Stack o Dimes, the other is called a Hasel inductor, both handmade by the nice guys at ARTeffects in Israel.

Pots: ArtCARs.

Caps: i found an ancient italian preamp with the right caps type and values at a car boot sale, they’re the surf green ones you see on the stack o dimes build. I swapped the cheap greenies you see pictured on the other build with some tropical fish ones, just for mojo sake.

The two wahs do sound different.

PCBs by (Greece)


Turning a jimmy dunplop High Gain pedal into a vintage specced wah wah

Oh well.. i got this volume pedal for cheap. I also rescued some BC173B and 4x early 70es italian inductors (red, white) from a Farfisa organ i recently dissected.
I bought a vox v847 pcb from a reputable greek seller on ebay.
After cross checking caps and resistors differences, i took the plunge to make a mccoy of sorts.



The mccoy calls for a bipolarised 4uF cap. Somewhere i read the original also used a 3.9uF so a tropical fish of this value was chosen.
I also tried to change the resistance value of the pot from 250k down to 100k as called for by putting a 166 resistor between the lugs 1 and 3 of the stock hotpotz.
Transistors measured hfe: 395 and 320. I used the gainier one for q1.
Upon firing it, the wah was almost non existent.
Measuring the inductor, it appeared to be the same Henrys value as the black 80es inductor of my dunlop crybaby so possibly it’s not the inductor’s fault.
I changed the 3.9uF tropical fish for a 4.7uF blue polarised Philips.
Much better..
I also changed the pot’s range of sweep, using the “pinion mod”, adding more bass to the curve.

To be contd

yours truly