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Ram’s Head Battersea Power Station Big Muff ₽i


When i was a Londoner, id often catch the 24 bus on sunday mornings from Hampsted Heath to its final destination, Pimlico. There was a pub there, next to the bus station where we would go have brunch and shoot pool. In the afternoon we would visit the Tate, usually.

And we would enjoy the haunting, post modern view of the abandoned Battersea Power Station from Pimlico.

Gilmour used a rams head Big Muff on Animals apparently.

Built for a friend on a pcb by OP ELECTRONICS, IT. Transistors BC239C from ebay seller, Whazzgroover. Sprague caps, etc

First time i mess with a hot glue gun, and i guess you can tell! 🐣

MJM London Fuzz


MJM London Fuzz build..

Ancient stuff on this one. Check q1! CV7003, a mil spec OC44.. All rusty and battered. BUT STILL KICKING!

I dig the germanium London Fuzz. So just in case mine blows up, heres a backup.


I have lived in London for something like almost 5 years.. had a great time but then I grew bored with the city and the lifestyle.
video of Alle Royale and Emiemiemi of Greasy Spoon testing my London Fuzz!

yours truly