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Germanium Mosrite Fuzzrite

On eyelet bakelite board.. Those transistor were just a temporary arrangement and off they went once i scored some RCA 2N2613 and 2N408 (as per original pedal).

Here’s the video of the final build.

The sound of garage rock!

Gary Hurst Tone Bender mki builds

First build,


Started going crazy after a while (the led zappeling in time with the q1 whizzeling until it died screaming).  Shame because it was a great build, sounded ace and COMPLETE: AC128 on q1, measured hfe of 30 (!!), some russian trannie on q2 measuring 138, another AC128, hfe 80ish.
Built from scratch again, same components, different trannies, 1n1307 on q1, hfe=136, and two AC128, 100ish, 80ish hfed.
Boxed in a rush to a recording session..
Video of my mate Alle playing his mean 1970 Ibanez thru a Laney valve amp and my mki pedal:


Still room for improvement as it was backing off sustain when Alle would play way up on the fretboard.

yours truly

MJM London Fuzz


MJM London Fuzz build..

Ancient stuff on this one. Check q1! CV7003, a mil spec OC44.. All rusty and battered. BUT STILL KICKING!

I dig the germanium London Fuzz. So just in case mine blows up, heres a backup.


I have lived in London for something like almost 5 years.. had a great time but then I grew bored with the city and the lifestyle.
video of Alle Royale and Emiemiemi of Greasy Spoon testing my London Fuzz!

yours truly